Welcome to TinyPawsBlog

Welcome to the blog and all things cat!

A few things before we start: KATZ are everywhere!! Like literally everywhere! If your friends and neighbours don’t have one, you will probably see one on the street living the thug life. Number two you should just live with it. Embrace it. Be a super-hero and go adopt a cat from a shelter.

Every Disney film lover 12696162_949351668485506_581912841_n
knows how the brave and the fearless doggy duo Lady and the Tramp saved the human baby from a vicious rat. However, we all know a good old fashioned cat would have gotten the job done faster and with a lot less drama. Efficiency at its finest in the adorable packages we all know as the CAT!

In order to celebrate these unsung heroes I decided to dedicate this tiny paw print of the Internet to our moody and two-faced friends. To further illustrate how awesome our fur-ball friends are one can chose to view them as ferocious descendants of proud lions and tiger that have gone through a shrink ray

Each post will be a weekly affair that will follow an easily digestible structure that will go nicely as a side-dish to whatever your cat decides to bring you as a present.Each post will kick off with a cat breed of the week where we will discuss the ethnogenesis. The boring bits will be kept at a minimum through fun facts and trivia. Next off we will delight, laugh and cry by sharing real cat stories from real cat owners, many of which will be whimsical and probably funny only from the cat’s perspective. And of course no cat blog would be complete without a healthy dose of everyone favourite pastime funny cat pictures on the internet. the crown jewel of this segment will aim to answer  one of the most important questions in all of human history: “if a famous person were to turn into a cat what would he look like?”

Finally to provide an ending message for this initial blog post, I suggest each and every cat owner engage in this possibly blossoming community and help form a new tradition. I want each and everyone of you to hold your cat, gaze lovingly into its eyes and softly recite the following, so your tiny friend knows how appreciative you are of them and that they should keep their heads and paws raised up to the sky. (any possible scars resulting from this are proof of your cats love and devotion)