Bow before Shere Khan

Joining our other royal breed, this week is dedicated to the Turkish Angora and breed ambassador/king of his own house Shere Khan. Like his fellow long-haired compatriots, his owner describes him as very intelligent and sometimes willing to listen to voice commands. Despite his regal demeanour and sometimes cranky attitude, he is a born entertainer loving to pose for photo ops and engage in fun mischief with humans. Aside from a general dislike of Mondays, Shere Khan enjoys walks through the busy city and will even agree to wearing a leash to indulge his habit. As most other cats, or commoners as Shere Khan refers to them, he greatly enjoys locating and occupying any cardboard container he can fit in. You can read more about his generosity and general interests or follow him on his adventures by visiting his Facebook page.

As the name suggests, the breed originates from the snowy mountains of Angora Turkey and some scientists believe the Turkish Angora is a common ancestor of all long haired cats. Their distinctive features include a long silky coat, large almond shaped eyes, large tufted ears and ballet dancer body and long legs. Shockingly, despite their long hair, Angoras do not require a lot a grooming and are overall healthy cats that live between 15 and 20 years, probably because of their good nature.

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  • It is believed that Muhammad had
  • Marie Antoinette shipped her Turkish Angoras to America during the French revolution
  • They are very talkative
  • It is common in Angoras with one blue eye and one coloured one to have deafness on the blue side

Cat Chaplin

This week’s doppelgänger is Cat Chaplin, proving that an ancient breed and royal standing are not required to have a good time or a life long friend. Visit your local animal shelter and adopt a faithful companion to cherish.


Thank you for your attention reader. Send us pics of your feline friend and stay catty!