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The first official and non-introductory post of this blog aims to start things off right. Cue the most recognisable cat breed in the world, hitting hard right from your childhood.

Named after its country of origin, Siam now known as Thailand, the Siamese cat was first introduced to the Western Hemisphere in 1871 through London’s Crystal Palace Cat Show. During the extravaganza, he was dubbed the Royal Cat of Siam, which is a fitting title for a descendant of the wichien-maat (means ‘moon diamond’).

Before we go any further, lets get this out of the way: despite the dreamy name and regal appearance, people still thought the Royal Cat of Siam wasn’t good enough and decided to improve on the feline’s design through careful breeding. The result was a distinctive breed  with a more elongated and angular body, finer bones and shorter hair, which sounds a lot like an actress after going into show business. Fittingly, this type of Siamese is often referred to as ‘show-style’.

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Source: Vetstreet.com

Similar to a Pumpkin Spice and Almond Machiatto, owning one of these needy specimens will change your life. That is in no way a promise of good things to come; change is not always good. Siamese cats are very sociable, friendly and intelligent. However, this package of qualities makes them VERY needy. They are some of the most talkative cats and feel compelled to inform you of your poor choice of cat food, what the neighbour is up to, how you never spend enough time at home etc. This need to communicated also commonly strikes them at 2AM, because why not?


  • You can actually teach them to play fetch
  • They will tolerate you putting a leash on them
  • Many of them are lactose intolerant
  • They will keep ‘talking’ for 15 years or more

Cat DiCaprio

Follow Cat Dicaprio’s lead and adopt your new best friend from your local cat shelter. Stay catty, reader!


Source: 9Gag.com