The Little Fox

For this week’s furry little friend, we have a special surprise for our loyal readers. We believe in the importance and value of friendship and the exchange of ideas among similarly minded individuals. To celebrate these ideas and the birth of a new community, TinyPawsBlog today launches a new program: you send us pictures and a story of your lovable companion, and we’ll feature them in our posts. Starting things off, here is one little fox to warm your hearts: Fred the Somali cat.

Fred, which you can admire in all his glory, has more in common with with a certain modern stone-age man than most of his peers. His chilled demeanour quickly gets replaced by agility and urgency whenever the family gathers for a meal. This cat does not wait for the generosity of his owner and instead tries to grab his fair share of whatever has been placed on the dining table. Fred carries forward a long tradition of Somali genes with his luxurious, bushy tail and overall breathtaking beauty. Unlike Fred, however, Somali are squirmy and energetic cats who love playing and surprising their owner


  • They are prone to anaemia
  • Their ticked coat has between 4 and 20 bands of colour on each hair
  • They crave attention, having to be brushed at least 2-3 times a week
  • They are nicknamed Fox cats
  • Somali cats are very dexterous and like to grab and hold onto things

IMG_0567 copy

Kylo Cat

Kylo Cat has movie star good looks and a story to share. After the doppelgänger resemblance between him and actor Adam Driver went viral, Kylo Cat (also known as Corey) upgraded his residence from the cat shelter to a loving family. You can read his story here or you can be the hero of your own story and visit your local shelter to adopt a kitty in need.


Thanks to owner Alexandra for sharing the Somali love. Join in on the fun, engage with the community and send us your suggestion for next week’s post.